Monday, August 31, 2009


I did NOT buy the dress. Haha. It's damn gorgeous though. And expensive. X.x who wanna buy for me as a birthday gift? =D

Went to Time Square just now for Baskin Robbins. 31% discount yo! =D And it tasted so much better with my family. Haha.

Oh yeah, and I met my classmate, Darren and his gf, Egg-gy! XD

Happy Merdeka Day, and Happy Birthday to Xuan Xuan and Swei! <3


Saturday, August 29, 2009



I've been thinking.

And I think, I should just...

Since he's not single and all. ._. I should just stop.

He's just a friendly colleague. Ok. Just a colleague. =)


*stratches head*

Oh well. A few more minutes till work. I guess I still can blog awhile.

Anyways, I added a new toy in my car - a huge strawberry soft toy! LOL. My sis kept on kicking it off the bed so I might as well bring it to my car.

I'm so tired these days. x.x Don't know why. Maybe it's because of all the things that are going through my mind. Lol or maybe I just need more sleep.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Jennie lied! She told me it wouldn't be jam at 7:00pm!


It's going to rain.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tanabata wa kinou

Yesterday was Tanabata aka 七夕! It's when the weaver lady zhi nv and the cowherd niu lang or whatever they are called meet each other on the bridge formed by birds. What kind? I forgot got. It's a well known chinese tale. Haha. Since it's about 2 lovers reuniting, they call it somewhat, a valentine's day too.

In Japan, one of the things to do is to write wishes on a small piece of paper, hang it on a bamboo tree and burn it at the end of the day. But no way I'm burning the tree my mum will kill me!

I even offered people to give me their wish so I can write them down and hang them, but so far only 8 or 9 people gave. Bah.

However, because of the strong wind, I saw 1 fell on to the balcony below. Who's wish might that be? O.o


P/S: lol yesterday was EPIC. A tanabata valentine's gift. =x

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Fuckin' Doraemon mango mooncake. I took a bite and it tasted like ugh.

It only had the looks. Bah.

I hope today will be a awesome day. =)


P/S: Thinking positive somehow makes me feel like a hypocrite.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Holy. There was a serious black out in the company since before lunch till now.

And what's awesome is - the company released us early. O.o and guess what? I'm not leaving yet.

Oh because.



I freakin' love my new shoe! It's nice AND it's tall it makes the people who stood beside me go shorter. LOL

And the best thing is it looks casual and I feel comfortable wearing it.

I love it!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Ichigo tsuki keeki

This is one of the Doraemon mooncake I mentioned. So cute! XD Especially the strawberries. <3

The strawberries are sweeter than the ones on birthday cakes, duh, even though it's a bit sour. Lol. Just a bit though.

My day's been good, I guess. It would be lucky for the me from last week. Lol


Sunday, August 23, 2009


After lunch, shopping! XD

Bought a shirt and heels. Yay shopping! I swear I'll earn more money so I could shop whenever and whatever I want happily. Lol

Oh yeah and we bought special Doraemon mooncakes! It's so cute I couldn't resist! It's Doraemon after all!

All this walking makes me so tired I could just faint. Lol. But I can't sleep coz a friend is coming over.


P/S: I DID NOT buy what I was wearing in the pic.
AND that leg isn't mine.

The end

Finally watch the movie, and my comment is - the movie sucked(compared to the book), but great effects, Ron's cute and Snape's so good looking! LOL!

And look, I'm wearing high heels! The highest I ever wore, 3 inch+ maybe? Lol.

Having lunch at Dragon-i now. Weeee!


P/S: Suddenly I feel like, I have no feelings, in general. =)

Mask up

Lol I'm finally going to watch Harry Potter!

I thought there'll be a lot of seats left, since Harry Potter has been on for quite awhile but I was wrong! The only seats left was the 2 rows from the front. Bah.

Oh well, movie time!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lui cha

As requested by Swei a long time ago, this is THE hakka people's lui cha.

Some people can't accept it coz it's green, but damn it taste good. It's one of the best food I ate in my life. Lol.




This morning when I was on the road, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I saw this 40++ year old man on the road with a paper that says "I'm going back to China tomorrow." and a big bag with a butterfly version of the flip flap thingy(the one in the picture).

He was actually going through every cars, hoping that people would donate him some money by buying his stuff.

For me, as I see people like these, I treat them as a fate, and I'd give, regardless that it's a scam or what sort(but depends on how that person's like. If he's like a youngster I'd probably ignore it). So as he came to my car, he was giving the peace sign, which I assumed he was saying RM20. But when I asked, he actually wanted only RM2! Wtf! Broken or not RM2 is damn cheap can? How can he go back?

He then took out 2 pink purses, hoping that I would spare him a few more ringgit and he had no use for it. So I just paid him RM10.

Now I kinda regret taking the purse, I should've just give him the money without taking it. =\ I have no use for it anyways, and he could've sell it for more money. I even have the damn urge to give him back. Damn guilty now.

Oh well.


P/S: Btw if you're wondering, I'm not giving myself up. I'm still wanting to be close to him. As a friend's ok for me. =)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I is trying to be positive. Argh.

Snap out of it girl! Friends first. FRIENDS!!

So what if he's close with her? What if he's darn close with another girl? What if he's damn close to all girls and is kind to all of them?

Argh. None of my business.

Well, I can say that I'm partially lucky today. =)

Sigh. All the strong will went down the drain. =(

Think positive, THINK POSITIVE!



Thanks to this, I'm having minor sore throat. Lol. It taste good, but kinda salty, says my mum and sis too.

*rub eyes*

Another day, another day. Lol. Wtf am I saying.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Boo. I look sick.

Seriously, I had never been happier in my office life EVER! I actually love it there! For now. Lol

Mix kinda well with colleagues, and most importantly, hehe. Hehe.

I hope this continues. PLEASE.



Was randomly posing for good angles.

I feel SOOO tired these days I don't know why. Might be because I had a lot going in my mind. Lol

Sometimes all that thinking makes me wanna give up, but still I'm holding on. =)

GO, KEI! GANBARE! (Giving myself a push. Lol) >:3


Wednesday, August 19, 2009



If only he's mine. lol

Oh well, you cannot blame me for wanting him, he's gorgeous! Not to mention I'm single at the moment so I can love any guy I want! LOL.

I'm lucky today btw! :D It's not much but I'm happy that I get to see a smile. :D


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Choki choki!

Lol it's been awhile since I ate Choki Choki.

Nothing special happened today. Lol. I guess I ain't lucky today.

I am trying my best, but there isn't much that I can do! Bloody isolation.

I guess I'll have to try harder then.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Heavy rain yet again

Once again, heavy rain at end of work. Last friday I was suppose to go home like this - heavy shower, tree leaves flying around as the wind is blowing and thunderstorms grumbling. But I stayed in the office for awhile. I have my reasons. lol

Luckily it started to rain only when I'm in the car. Lol

Must be his smile that gave me luck. =D lol wtf.

Now I wonder if he's alright. It's raining heavily yo.



Oh look it's Adam! <3

Had lunch with another female colleague coz my supervisor had plans with other colleagues. They went for a farewell.


P/S: Make my wish come true, Adam! <3

50% Single

Lol Momochi that's MY new clothes not yours!

Anyway I found this shirt at PDI. It was selling cheap so I had to have it. XD Plus the quote attracted me - 50% single. XD

Anyway I feel like Densha Otoko(Train Man. Google it.) since yesterday. One of my friend give me some guides on how to be attractive. Lol. I have to smell pleasant and apply lotions etc.

And then I got suggestions from another friend who ask me to loose the glasses and fix my teeth. But I love my teeth and I'm afraid of getting braces! It's expensive too. Lol.

Now I have tons of stuff to buy if I wanna look attractive - contact lens, lotions, lip gloss. Omg all the money I'd spent on comic books I had to spend it on those?

Oh well.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


I had made my decision.

Just now I told a guy friend of mine about my crush and immediately he just discourage me and ask me to find another guy, claiming that it's no choice coz of the age gap.

I was like wtf really. Then I go a bit emo.

Then after a bit of chatting with yet another friend of mine, I decided that I'm not giving up this crush.

Who knows things might turn out fine? I'm not giving up and I'm gonna work hard to get what I want!

And it starts with being more like a girl.

Argh it's so hard.


P/S: I did not buy that shirt in the pic. I wanted to, but they don't have my size. Lol

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I really love posing like this these days. Lol

Anyway I woke up this morning with a terrible urge to throw up. I held back though coz I hate the feeling of that.

Then I was driving to work and got a bit better...


HOLY FUCK. I have no problem with transgenders but one of them was wearing a dress. And he/she pulls her dress up and flips her dress to try seducing people. AND I SAW HER THONG.

Immediately I feel like throwing up. SERIOUSLY. UGH.

Great way to start a day huh?


P/S: Yes Kaede I'm wearing your shirt! =D

Friday, August 14, 2009




P/S: Even plushes are wearing masks, why aren't you? lol


Lol it's from the cut when I went to Sungai Gabai.

It's actually healed but I want to be protected coz it's not fully healed. And I ran out of normal plasters so I used these instead. I actually bought these ones for my friends. I wanna see them use animal printed plasters when they accidently injured themselves and need plasters. Lol.

And now I'm using it myself. Lol


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Alright. I don't like him. I'm just having a crush.

Yeah that sounds much better. Sounds less serious and I feel much better. Thanks Reiko! <3

Now to get rid of this crush thing. Coz it's killing me. Lol =\



Rocky! <3

Long time no buy this already. XD Used to buy this a lot last time. Coz I'm a fan of strawberries. XD I mean cute strawberries. Haha.

Today my supervisor's not around so I went to lunch with another group. As usual, since I'm not close to them, I kept quiet and ate my lunch. Lol

Well, at least I got Rocky. =D


P/S: Is it wise to give up before trying when you already know it's no use? =3

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Is wearing mask.

My sis got fever. =( I hope she gets better soon. She was told to quarantine herself for 6 freakin' days WTF?

Ugh this mask is making me uncomfortable.



Me in my PJs. Lol.

Just now had lunch with my supervisor and a close colleague of hers. And we talked about the single guys in the department. Lol.

They wanted to introduced me to some random colleagues in my department, but er... Not my type. =x

I told them my requirements are quite high. Lol That's why I'm single.

Then damn they ask me, so is there any guy in the department that hit your requirement? I lol-ed and said no.

I lied. Lol.

But I did say that I like one of my colleagues out look. He has gorgeous eyes. <3 Like a girl's.

What is my type? He has to be tall, humourous, and looks cute. That's all.

How come my requirement so low yet I'm single?



Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Usually in the morning before I leave the car for work, I'd take a few minutes of quick rest in the car.

But today I can't sleep. Had a lot of things going through my mind and my heart is pounding fast. The lot of things, however, came from 1 thing.

Sigh. I better just go to work early. Might just be the effect of drinking coffee.


Monday, August 10, 2009


Raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling~

Well it's actually falling on my car but who cares. Lol.

Yes, I'm driving.


P/S: I won't admit till I'm sure. I won't!


Momochi sleeps while I work here. ._. So tired.

My supervisor gave me work to do but I already done it before lunch. I'm so smart. Lol jk. It's basically the same thing I did through out the intern. Lol

Having lunch now. Yum!


P/S: BAH why did we change seats? I can't see him from here! Lol

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tea session! <3

Went to Steven's Tea Corner with Reiko and Xuan Xuan. <3

So cute! He kept on smiling and his front teeth is bigger already! XD I can't wait for the time where he knows how to run and I'd run along chasing him. Lol

There was one time where he fall from the long couch to the floor while crawling back and forward. It was a loud knock and we was shock(lol rhyming). He cried so loud. X.x poor little fella. My mum say he was like me when I was young. Naughty. Haha


P/S: I love my dad, but sometimes he spoils the mood whenever he starts lecturing me suddenly when I'm in a good mood and did no wrong.

I'm broke

Bought A LOT of things today. Lol
After work I drove to Petaling Street. OMG FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I wanted to get a magazine or book of Michael which my sis saw last week. But I couldn't find it. This trip wasted my time where I couldn't find the book I want, I couldn't find the comics I want and a fucking pervert brushed his hands against mine when we walked pass. Ugh fucking middle age fuktard. I bought 3 comics though.

Then I went to Jusco to get my Thriller CD. Yes I got Thriller! But before that I went to MPH and holy crap there was a tribute magazine by People magazine! I bought it immediately and atm more cash to buy my CD. Lol That book is worth every penny. It has such awesome photos and details inside and I love it. And I bought the last 1! =D

But when I reached home I noticed the part that holds the CD, you know that thing that keeps the disk from falling, IS ALL BROKE. I was like wtf. I went to exchanged it for a new 1 later. XD

Ahh, I need more money.


P/S: I cried out loud just now watching "Michael Jackson Unmasked" on TV. =( It's just too sad.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm gonna buy another album today! Hint if you don't know, it starts with T. Lol. So easy right.

And might go to Petaling Street after work to buy comics. The only problem is I don't know how to drive there. Might ended up going home empty handed coz I was lost. Like last time. =x

Yesterday's gathering turned out pretty well. I was kinda worried coz I'm not close with most of them. There's this guy who I never really spoken to asks "why aren't you talking? Why are you so quiet?" lol I just smile. He even asked his friend do I understand cantonese. I turn to him and gave him a "wtf?" look. Lol. My closest friends all know that I'm not talkative infront of people I'm not close to.

But it turned out ok coz I talked eventually. Haha

We should do this often. =D


Friday, August 7, 2009


With old diploma coursemates.

Since I stay near by the cafe I had to be the first 1 to arrive to reserve that place. The cafe wants us to arrive there 8PM SHARP. I was still a few minutes late though. Lol

This place has snookers. I'm scared. ;_;


Lunch time!

With a few colleagues. Having yong tau foo. =D

But I wonder how much it cost. I don't have much money. =x


Hello! Goodbye!

My sis bought this for me. Well more like helped me to buy it. She rarely buys me stuff. Lol

To be honest I still cry when I see magazines like these and listen to songs like "Heal The World". That song reminds me of the memorial, the event that made me cried every day and night for days. ._.

It's weird coz before his death, yes I really liked him but I never really cared much about his news after I started to grow up. And he disappeared for quite awhile. Until when I heard he was doing his last tour I was like omg, I wanna go. I just had that thought but still didn't cared THAT much.

And then he died.

Probably human nature to treasure people only after they died, but it might probably be that he was once a really important person to the young me. And the young me inside of me who loves him feels sad which make me sad, he was part of my childhood afterall.

Bah it might be some excuse, I don't know. I don't even know myself.

Ok bedtime. I miss Michael. =(


Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the beach

Lol do you seriouly think I have time to go there? And so nice even the beach.

I just snapped the picture out of a brosure or however you spell it. Lol


P/S: I dreamt of having a boyfriend. It was sweet though I have no idea who that is. Lol.


Lol I don't know what the title means I just feel like putting it.

I'm still a bit depressed on how I'm behaving in the office. I'm like 2 faced there. When I'm around people I go all quiet, and shy, and I don't talk much but I smile a whole lot to show my reaction, mainly because my brain couldn't react fast enough towards strangers.

Strangers? They had been my colleagues for almost 3 months! Yet I still feel scared. I go smiling a lot but inside my mind I go like "WTF?" and a whole lot of thoughts by the real me, who is struggling inside, trying to be free.

The only people that I would feel close to is my supervisor and my 2 colleagues, who had been in the same room with me. There's 2 more colleagues who I feel is cool with me but they are inside the actual department. Just great. 5 out of like 30+ people.

So there's this 2 colleagues that had moved in to our work space aka the meeting room since last week. One of them is a really cute guy. And that guy is like, omg, a real life anime character. The way he talks, acts, reacts, OMG! SO CUTE! And he has these pair of beautiful sparkly eyes, which then I noticed, HE HAS SUPER LONG EYE LASHES. And a bonus - if not mistaken, he likes anime stuffs. He has a L Nendroid, he has an Anizo on his phone and his ringtone is the opening theme of FMA Brotherhood.

I wish I could be friends with him. ._. He seems interesting. Like a brat. Lol

Oh and the other colleague moved in said(jokingly, might be) "You know whats the real purpose I moved in here? To make you a '8 po' like the others."

LOL. I just smiled but in my mind I was saying "dude, if only you knew how sampat I am. Lol". I hope he managed to do so though, if he isn't joking.

Whoa time for bed.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Earth Song

There used to be a row of tall, full grown trees here. FOR YEARS. And when I went to work this early morn' I was like WTF? WHERE ARE ALL THE TREES?!

LISTEN TO MICHAEL JACKSON'S EARTH SONG LA PEOPLE. When one day we don't have no trees in our earth already only you all weep!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet n sour!

McNuggets yum! XP

Just came back from interviewing a travel agency for the final year project. I get to know the flows of a travel agency and I saw how confusing their current system is. Apparently all travel agencies uses this.

Oh yeah my whole body aches like hell. Whoa the pain! It's a good thing that I took a day off. Else I'd die in the office. Lol


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Worn out

I'm back! And dead tired. Whoa.

My leg aches, my cuts at my elbow and feet hurts and I'm so so so tired!

Nitez yo. Nap time. Lol


After play

Ice cream yo!

It was SO FUN!! The water was so damn cold that all of us was screaming like mad. Lol

Oh I hurt myself by falling on the slippery stone. And it's bleeding. T.T

Going to have lunch with them now. =3



The Gabai Falls. Dedicated to Michael. Lol

He loves to have fun after all. =3



Woke up at 6:06am for this. Lol Went to my classmates house to make sandwiches, where it's just 2 floors above mine.

2 days ago me and one of my classmate went to buy the ingredients. Because the both of us have no idea how to make sandwiches, we bought ALL tunas. LOL. Different flavor of tunas. =x

My class rep., who assigned us to buy the ingredients was like WTF? No ham or other stuffs? He bought more stuffs later then. =x

Just now it took me A LOT of effort to cut the cucumbers and tomato, since I don't know how. Lol. It ended up really ugly. Bah who cares. =x

On the road now. YAY!! XD


Saturday, August 1, 2009



When I was young we did this once. Then now after like 10 years finally I can experience this again LOL.

I might sound kampung but it's really fun! =x Me and my sis kept laughing and squealing like little children. Lol. XD

Automatic carwash ftw!



OMG THIS CURRY IS AWESOME!! My grandma is an awesome cook!

I wish I knew how to cook. ._.


P/S: I feel like eating "Lurve". Lol never ate it before.