Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tanabata wa kinou

Yesterday was Tanabata aka 七夕! It's when the weaver lady zhi nv and the cowherd niu lang or whatever they are called meet each other on the bridge formed by birds. What kind? I forgot got. It's a well known chinese tale. Haha. Since it's about 2 lovers reuniting, they call it somewhat, a valentine's day too.

In Japan, one of the things to do is to write wishes on a small piece of paper, hang it on a bamboo tree and burn it at the end of the day. But no way I'm burning the tree my mum will kill me!

I even offered people to give me their wish so I can write them down and hang them, but so far only 8 or 9 people gave. Bah.

However, because of the strong wind, I saw 1 fell on to the balcony below. Who's wish might that be? O.o


P/S: lol yesterday was EPIC. A tanabata valentine's gift. =x