Friday, November 26, 2010


Say hello to Kunorilak! X3

It's a present by Ivan for my birthday. X3 He promised to get me one of these, even though I told him that I'm ok with medium sized ones. =x

My birthday was wonderful! First birthday in my life that I'm not celebrating with my family. =x Not saying that it's not wonderful spending birthday with them!

But then, celebrating with someone else other than my family, especially my boyfriend, who my parents know existed! =x They actually allowed me to go celebrate with him! XD Well, that's something new. Although it's due to my dad being busy so have to switch dates to celebrate. Still, knowing that my parents approving me to go dating, never expected that to happen fast. XD

My sis was like wtf when she saw Kunorilak. Everyone knows how much she love Rilaks. =x Eh, I bought her something in return. ON MY BIRTHDAY! I buy present for other people on my birthday, when I'm suppose to be receiving presents. =x

Received Tales of The Beetle Bard from her. :D Was going to buy it myself, until she showed her eyes of O_O hearing that I was gonna go find it and buy it. LOL.

One of the most memorable birthdays I have. =3

Love, Love the world! X3