Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I cannot understand why Mao will think about taking pictures with the hand pose lo. So funny!

The sky's so freakin' dark today and it rained JUST NOW so me and my supervisor tapau-ed. Haha. Predictions say that there will be a tsunami tomorrow. Oh and eclipse! I never saw an eclipse before. X3 They say it's on 8:30am. I don't know coz I never read newspapers. Lol.

Oh well, lemme rest awhile now that I had taken my lunch.



Here you see the most expensive pen I had ever seen.

RM1600+ SIAO! Don't even dare to touch it!


Lol nyan

It's actually fox ears but meh whatever. Lol.

And the hand pose was copying Mao from SID. I have no idea why he does that hand pose all the time.


P/S: I wanna go home. I'm so lonely at the office I could just kill myself. But of course I won't. Lol.