Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not. Here. Yet.

Wtf. Anyways there's this guy that sings so nice at the hallway. And this girl doing a terrible grinding.

Holy that guy is a awesome singer.


Night at College

Holy! Looks so different than during the day! Lol

Waiting for my sis to call so I can fetch her up and go home for dinner.


P/S: That's my finger at the right btw. lol

New skirt! =D

This skirt makes me feel like a girl. Lol.

So pretty! I mean the skirt k? Lol. And so comfortable. RM49.90 at Avenue, Isetan, KLCC. =3


Lunch Time!

Eating in the room again. Lol. Very lazy to go out actually. Still tired from yesterday's trip. XD

And I had a dream last night, which means my brain didn't rest properly. I'm not telling what the dream is about. You can guess it yourselves. Lol but it was nice. =3

Ok back to lunch.


P/S: I wonder how is that Edgar doing at KLIA. Alone. Lol. And how's dad? He's on the plane to Beijing. =3