Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here you see the binocular that my dad bought to the Michael Jackson HIStory Tour. XD

I'm gonna make it mine. Lol


P/S: I WANT LOVE! Erm on second thought, nevermind I'm good by myself.

P/P/S: My pic with Xuan Xuan on Reiko's latest post is LOL.

Today's catch

3 new comics today! Detective Conan, BLEACH and a random love story comic. Lol

But so few! I WANT MORE COMICS!!


Data entry

It's after lunch again! There's only me in the room as the others are not back yet.

I know it's a bit random but, how is it like to be in love? I'm curious coz I'm NOT sure myself. Do we need to like, miss that person a lot, or want to see that person a lot, or think about them a lot, and if we didn't have those means that we don't really love them? How do we really know actually?

Lol random right? But I'm darn curious. Lol.


P/S: Just now I accidently go "WHAAAT?", like the joking type of annoyed to my supervisor. My true self lol. I thought she was going to complain my work but actually she was just asking me what we should have for lunch in a protest tone. Lol Everyone laughed. =x

It's raining

What a nice morning! It started raining after I wake up and the weather's all cool. =D I love it.

Anyway I bought the "Dangerous" album yesterday! I used to have this album years ago but when I tried to search it back now it's no where to be found!

Now that I bought this, it makes me want to buy more. I mean all of his album. Lol