Saturday, October 31, 2009


Eating out with my big family, my uncle's treat. XD


That was it

Went to the movies today - THIS IS IT.

As the clock strikes 1pm, I WISHED I could just dash out from the office but NOOOOO I have a difficult task to do so I had to stay for a little while. lol Oh well. At least I could... Yeah could.

I was enjoying through out the movies - singing songs, moving to the beat - and then I was looking around HOPING that there was people that would do the same but NOOOOO. lol This is Malaysia, I forgot. lol. Maybe there were people behind me that was like me but I couldn't see them so... yeah.

I was SO AFRAID that people will just leave like this is some normal movie where you'll just watch and just leave. lol.

We clapped.

There was some that didn't clap. Boo on them. lol

And there were a few people that stayed till the very end of the clip. And we clapped like a few times. And cheered.

I wish I was daring enough to have stood up and say "This is for you Michael!" or "This is the King ya'll!" or "I love you!" etc etc. lol But I said it in my heart.

Did you see that Michael? We missed you and of course, you'll always be in our hearts.

Thank you. =)


P/S: lol I forgot to comment about the movie. If this concert was on, it'll be one of the best concerts he ever had. That Thriller was damn awesome! My only complaint would be - it's too short. =(