Thursday, June 25, 2009


Bringing my relatives to dinner.

Erm. No comment. Lol. I mean me.


As picture says

Well, not really. Lol.

Just feeling kinda sad since it's been 2 months yet I'm still not mixing well with the colleagues.

One of the main reason is of course, my working place is in the meeting room, with my team members. So we're kinda isolated. Lol.

Then in the room, there are times when no one talks, make that most of the times, coz we're working. So I don't have to talk.

And then there's me, who has problems socializing. Lol

So yeah. Everyone thought I was weird for being so quiet. And thought that I'm like this boring, quiet, good girl. Lol fuk. =x

Yesterday I added one of my colleagues on Facebook.
Her: You look diff in the office.

Lol I know dearie, I know!

Is there a way to cure me? =(


Strawberry mask

It's so cute I don't dare to wear it. Lol. Unless I'm with my friends, maybe.

A present from a friend 2-3 years ago.

I have 2 more Ragnarok Online masks, those are prizes. Lol