Monday, August 17, 2009

Heavy rain yet again

Once again, heavy rain at end of work. Last friday I was suppose to go home like this - heavy shower, tree leaves flying around as the wind is blowing and thunderstorms grumbling. But I stayed in the office for awhile. I have my reasons. lol

Luckily it started to rain only when I'm in the car. Lol

Must be his smile that gave me luck. =D lol wtf.

Now I wonder if he's alright. It's raining heavily yo.



Oh look it's Adam! <3

Had lunch with another female colleague coz my supervisor had plans with other colleagues. They went for a farewell.


P/S: Make my wish come true, Adam! <3

50% Single

Lol Momochi that's MY new clothes not yours!

Anyway I found this shirt at PDI. It was selling cheap so I had to have it. XD Plus the quote attracted me - 50% single. XD

Anyway I feel like Densha Otoko(Train Man. Google it.) since yesterday. One of my friend give me some guides on how to be attractive. Lol. I have to smell pleasant and apply lotions etc.

And then I got suggestions from another friend who ask me to loose the glasses and fix my teeth. But I love my teeth and I'm afraid of getting braces! It's expensive too. Lol.

Now I have tons of stuff to buy if I wanna look attractive - contact lens, lotions, lip gloss. Omg all the money I'd spent on comic books I had to spend it on those?

Oh well.