Friday, December 4, 2009

Tokimeki Memorial Girl Side

OMG I'm so addicted to this game! Hazuki-kun is so much love!!

Playing this game is like, a minor satisfaction for my lack of love life, since I don't have a boyfriend and all. Seems pathetic but hey! It's really fun. =p

Even Calvius laughs at me when he sees me playing it. Dx

Meh, even if I have a bf, I'll still play this game. Hazuki-kun~ x3


Photoshoot yet again

Damn. Tiring. And I have an assignment due tomorrow.

Oh well. My sis's assignment too. =(

Plus she makes me look pretty! X3 Damn I wish I know how to make up like this.


Break down

Not my car. LOL.

Sorry I couldn't help. =(