Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rosevelt @ One Utama

This was so last minute, after seeing Nick's Twitter(at 1:15pm) I asked my dad whether we could go there(they are performing at 2:30pm).

And he said yes! OH JOY.

I couldn't be there for their semifinals at The Library so here I am! lol They seem suprised that we appeared again. Dx I didn't want to miss their performance.

They're performing acoustic! Glad that I attended.

My parents where there too. LOL.

After their performance we get to talk a bit but I was so nervous and shy I couldn't talk much. My dad did all the talking. That's good. lol At least we didn't go silent.

*wishes that my dad will bring me to The Library to see the finals*

The semifinals is today, so break a leg guys!


New glasses

Hello new glasses, welcome to my world. Lol

Black frames this time.

Somehow it makes me look more nerdy. Lol


P/S: Oh I'm on my way to One Utama. Last minute plan after seeing NickRosevelt's tweet. Lol

Broken glasses

Goodbye glasses, you was loved.