Tuesday, February 23, 2010


SO CUTE! Bought by Qi from Japan. xD

It's a stress relief thingy. Not sure how it relieves stress but omg this thing is super cute.

Just went out for Company CNY Dinner- oh wait before that I went to my FYP testing and it went well, but there are still improvements needed so I have to show him again on 1st of March. Sigh.

Then as I was going home from college I received a call from my colleague who was suppose to fetch me. She initially said she was going on 6:30pm hopefully coz she was suppose to end work on 7:30. But due to having this dinner the boss suddenly let them off early. I was like wtf I'm still on the road from college and I haven't even bath etc!

So I was like, wasted 40 minutes of their lives waiting for me. Sigh. I feel so bad.

Oh well. The dinner was good. lol

Have work tomorrow. OH and dinner with my dear loves! <3