Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Eve!

Not lighted by me, so don't catch me ok? Lol

Happy Chinese New Year Eve!


Engagement Ceremony

It's the first time I went to a ceremony like this. In fact I NEVER knew about ceremonies like this. I didn't know that the engagement will be such a big event for the Malays.

It was really interesting knowing about their custom.

Oh yeah it was really 1 Malaysia coz there was Chinese people(me and my sis and I saw some other people) and Indians around. =3

There was Koreans too! 2 cute Korean guys to be exact. Aira's classmates. lol

After the event, went to Wangsa Walk Mall to buy something.

MIGHT stay up late to do something sweet later. =)

But first, going to grandma house for reunion dinner - CNY YAY!