Saturday, September 5, 2009


As you can see, this is NOT a happy face.

I left at 2pm though. No one dare to ask the boss so I went coz I wanna go home! Suprisingly he allowed me to go home when I asked to. I didn't even finish my sentence and he just straight "Go go!" lol My boss is loud sometimes but he's a interesting person.

And now it's time for my nap! =D



Is at PWTC Matta Fair. Distributing brosures.



Melon mooncake?

Ja-jang! This is the 3rd mooncake in the Doraemon mooncake set I bought. The fillings are dragonfruit + lotus paste, so it's pink inside and it has black seeds like the real watermelon!

But the fillings are the one that tastes good. The skin taste hard and dry.

Anyway yesterday was Michael *finally* burial. Wtf died for more than 2 months still not buried. Wanna torture his soul izit?

I thought I was over his death but no, I cried when I see the picture of his funeral. With the white flowers and stuff.

Oh well, back to work.


P/S: I haz his hp num.