Monday, April 25, 2011

April End!

I know I've stopped blogging for a long long time, I'm sorry!

Anyways I've been doing good. =3

Just 2 days ago, I went to Bukit Tinggi with my colleagues! The car sick is killing me, but overall the trip is love. lol

As I just reached the place we're staying, I slipped and fell and got a huge bruise on my thighs. LOL. And I didn't saw the bruise till yesterday when I got home and taking shower.

Oh and I get to feed swans! There was 2 white swans and 2 black swans and the white ones are really aggressive that they bite our hands as they get food from us. But still, I love feeding them more than the black ones. The black ones are kinda tamed and boring. lol. =x

I was so worried that I'll get sick like last week, when I went for a sleepover at Qi's house. Bah stupid! I hated that few days. Spoilted everyone's mood.

This week I'm going to Ivan's grandparents house at Setiawan! Hopefully it'll be awesome too! =3 And PLEASE don't let me be sick. Sick sucks. =/