Sunday, June 13, 2010

TC 1st Bowling Tournament

We did not win. lol

There were 72 teams and 4 of them were from my department. (ISD) Whatever, Lovelife, Memory and the last minute formed, Newbie.

I'm in Whatever. lol

Our plan was to group the people who is good at bowling in one group so that there could actually be a chance of winning. And I was in that good bowler team(Whatever) when I'm not good at it. lol

Well, at least I was the girl with the highest score.

Was. lol. The last minute formed team's girl player was amazing at bowling. D:

72 teams played, only 15 can get through the semifinals.

And to my surprise(not sure whether izit the training that helped), Team Whatever and Team Newbie got through. LOL. And I got more than 100! LOL usually I'd get 70+.

Even though we did not win top 3, the awesome girl player from Team Newbie got 2nd place in MVP female. She scored more than 150. LOL. Better than anyone of us(including guys).

Oh oh and we got a hamper from the lucky draw. LOL.

Wonderful day it was. I had so much fun. xD

OH my parents came to watch me play the first round! Glad they came coz I was on fire! LOL XD Loves!

Hope there's more of these event coming in the future. =3


Bowling Tournament

This, is my ball.