Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Prize

Got this as a prize for the lantern quiz at the Mooncake Festival event at my company. XD

It's still on my office table now. X3


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Wallpaper UP!

I damn love my wallpaper at my laptop now! GLAY! XD

Just got the downloaded single from dear, and its so beautiful! I still don't get how Takuro can write such beautiful lyrics. =x

Precious Love... T_T


Ooki Ame

Its raining heavily again in the morning, who is having such a bad mood that causes the rain, I wonder?


Sunday, September 12, 2010


As I said in the previous post, I went to the Book Fair again.

And holy... We bought A LOT. o_o Travel books, and anime DVDs. Wanted to buy a receipe book so I could learn cooking but didn't manage to find the one I like so.. =X

Oh it wasn't as crowded as the first time we went, so it's more easier to move around. Even though it's still hard to walk through some lanes as people are there standing and reading. -_-

Anyway overall, it was a good day! Especially with him beside me. X3

A colleague spotted us! Or should I say 2 colleagues! But then... I don't really care much anymore. Hey, it's not like I'm doing something bad. Or doing some lovey dovey stuff in the office. So whatever. =3

Tokoro de, have to go jogging later. Sigh. Boring stuff. But it's for my good. Stay healthy, as Ivan says. DX

So bye now!


P/S: Gomen that I couldn't join you on many events, gomen! I really wanted too...

P/P/S: Heart playing Abe Mao's Itsu no Hi Mo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Fair again

Yes, its my 2nd visit to the Book Fair at KLCC. =x

This time, I'm there to buy books and not just walking, so might take awhile. Lol.

Waiting for dear to arrive now. =x


P/S: OH! Keranamu Malaysia airing in the station now. XD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st Month!

*noms on Okonomiyaki*

This pic was from 1st Sept, and I wanted to blog on that day but =/ I failed. Stupid mobile blogging. lol

Saw Kim-chan that day omg! Finally!! =3 Always wanted to meet her but never did. D= We hugged~ X3

Anyway I had a great great GREAT time that day. X3 I wished the day never end. Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai too. =x Never had the chance to eat it, luckily someone was there to bring me go eat. =X Thanks dear! X3

But then the day ended sadly coz I was rushed back by my parents. D= sien. I know they were just worried though. DX

However, thinking back of the date just puts a smile on my face. X3 Thank you for that day!

Ahem. =X

That is all. Bye. XD


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Xuan Xuan is 2 years old! XD



P/S: Happy 1 month anniversary to me and someone! XD =X