Sunday, August 23, 2009


After lunch, shopping! XD

Bought a shirt and heels. Yay shopping! I swear I'll earn more money so I could shop whenever and whatever I want happily. Lol

Oh yeah and we bought special Doraemon mooncakes! It's so cute I couldn't resist! It's Doraemon after all!

All this walking makes me so tired I could just faint. Lol. But I can't sleep coz a friend is coming over.


P/S: I DID NOT buy what I was wearing in the pic.
AND that leg isn't mine.

The end

Finally watch the movie, and my comment is - the movie sucked(compared to the book), but great effects, Ron's cute and Snape's so good looking! LOL!

And look, I'm wearing high heels! The highest I ever wore, 3 inch+ maybe? Lol.

Having lunch at Dragon-i now. Weeee!


P/S: Suddenly I feel like, I have no feelings, in general. =)

Mask up

Lol I'm finally going to watch Harry Potter!

I thought there'll be a lot of seats left, since Harry Potter has been on for quite awhile but I was wrong! The only seats left was the 2 rows from the front. Bah.

Oh well, movie time!