Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blanco la Navidad

Omg I'm so tired. Lol Have to blog something to keep myself awake from this damn boring lecture.

So there's another prom night coming on 20.12 lol I wanna go prom. ._. But after they say "After slow dance, we clubbing", sorry I hate clubbing.

Damn I'm tired. Dammit.


Photoshoot again

Tiring really, even though it's at home.

My face was like, so fair that I could like, be one of the Cullens. XD

I haven't watch New Moon btw. Sigh.

BTW I'm so addicted to playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl Side! It's a dating sim game. Lol. Love it! Hazuki-kun is so good looking. Nyo~ <3

My fren told me there's like some idiot in Japan who actually falls deeply in love with the character in the game and somehow married "her". Wtf.

Oh well.