Friday, January 8, 2010


Studying Web Services while having my NDS Lite on.

Meet Domo, my miniature Dachshund. x3


Fail shot.


I love cam whoring but trying to fit 4 people 1 one shot is hard. Dx

There's a another shot where everyone fits but I look fat so I'm not posting it. =x It's fun to see fail shots sometimes right? lol

So, the last class of my life. Hmm.

This morning Darren showed us a video of our class he made. It was damn emotional that it made me had tears in my eyes. So hard trying to hold it back you know!

Have to start studying now. Exam starts next Friday!


Forbidden Photoshoot

We was actually going to do a class photoshoot since it's the last day of class.

Momfei(the guy in shorts) suddenly poses all of a sudden and the DSLR-ers started snapping pictures of him non stop coz he's such a poser. XD

He's got potential to be a model yo. lol