Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Entertainment Weekly 15/5

I'm loving my Adam Lambert cover Entertainment Weekly! Got it at Midvalley MPH last week.

I searched it EVERYWHERE. Even Kinokuniya. And I could actually missed buying it coz it was back facing me. So I just took it out to check just to try my luck and OMG THERE IT IS!! Adam's handsome face looking and smiling back at me. XD I gasped when I saw it and because it is so quiet there people can actually hear me clearly and all of them turn over to me. Lol

It's kinda crumpled, but I HAVE TO GET IT. It's the one and ONLY issue I saw! My dad wanted to stop me from buying since it's crumpled. BUT I DON'T CARE! It's now or never!

And it's worth it! =D will scan them when I feel like it. Lol.

Going to bed now. Have to fetch my sis to college AND go to work. BORING.



Just finish my lunch break. Eating in the room again.

Gotta start working again.

Kinda worried about later's piano class coz I haven't been practising.