Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st Month!

*noms on Okonomiyaki*

This pic was from 1st Sept, and I wanted to blog on that day but =/ I failed. Stupid mobile blogging. lol

Saw Kim-chan that day omg! Finally!! =3 Always wanted to meet her but never did. D= We hugged~ X3

Anyway I had a great great GREAT time that day. X3 I wished the day never end. Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai too. =x Never had the chance to eat it, luckily someone was there to bring me go eat. =X Thanks dear! X3

But then the day ended sadly coz I was rushed back by my parents. D= sien. I know they were just worried though. DX

However, thinking back of the date just puts a smile on my face. X3 Thank you for that day!

Ahem. =X

That is all. Bye. XD