Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lunch Today

Lunch in today!

It's been awhile since I lunch in.

Last time why I was always eating lunch in the office was... I had no friends. During internship, because I was in the room with my team. I hardly had time with ppl that is in the department. So I was kinda like the freak. lol

Now... I'm not alone anymore. I have my Beh Bear Friends! (It's my group of friends at office. lol)

So why am I still lunching in?.......the weather! Terrible weather these days. The sun is killing everything! So me and my beh bear friends decided to lunch in. lol. Duh the weather is killing these days. Sigh.

Waiting for my long holiday next week. This Saturday come faster!! ;3;


Sunday, May 1, 2011


Had a trip to Sitiawan! =3

Went to visit Ivan's grandparents for the first time. o3o It was really cozy! Unlike my grandparents house, theirs was really comfy. With air cond rooms and so. LOL.

After breakfast, we went to visit the Sea Turtle breeding centre.(?) I get to see baby turtles! XD Then we visited the jetty to Pangkor. Didn't went to Pangkor coz the jetty was full of people, waiting to board on the ferry. lol. Bought a lot of stuffs back from there though. lol.

I would love to visit there again! =3 Ivan's family was really warm and welcoming. <3