Friday, December 31, 2010

PuriKura ~ 2011-to-be

Finally! Purikura! XD

The Purikura machines in KL seems to be gone 1 by 1, and I have no idea where I could find them anymore. But then there are a few in Genting Highland, so no matter how much it cost, I HAVE TO take them!

RM35 one machine. Bah.

Still for me, it's worth it. T_T I love Purikuras.

Ok! It's going to be 2011 soon. So... here are my resolutions!

1. Improve in my work
2. Have a 2nd trip with Ivan. <3
3. Be more fashionable
4. Learn to cook
5. Go sing k with my dear
6. Be more like a girl
7. Take more cute pictures of Ivan. <3
#updated 11:05PM
8. Be a more better gf! =X
9. Train my memory more, since it's getting worse.. X_X

7 resolutions for now. I wonder if it will increase later. =x


P/S: I love this pic with Ivan! <3 It's so cute! XD

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

This was yesterday in my office.

Got the present from Secret Santa and I was right, about who my Secret Santa was. =X

Anyway, I loved the present, which is a snow globe that I wished for, and it's now at the table beside my bed. =3

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! =3


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cousin's wedding

Congrats to him! Wearing a dress again. =x

I wish Ivan could see this! T3T but he then his phone has no service. But he gets ip4 though. XD

So for now.. No smses. T3T i miss him!


Friday, November 26, 2010


Say hello to Kunorilak! X3

It's a present by Ivan for my birthday. X3 He promised to get me one of these, even though I told him that I'm ok with medium sized ones. =x

My birthday was wonderful! First birthday in my life that I'm not celebrating with my family. =x Not saying that it's not wonderful spending birthday with them!

But then, celebrating with someone else other than my family, especially my boyfriend, who my parents know existed! =x They actually allowed me to go celebrate with him! XD Well, that's something new. Although it's due to my dad being busy so have to switch dates to celebrate. Still, knowing that my parents approving me to go dating, never expected that to happen fast. XD

My sis was like wtf when she saw Kunorilak. Everyone knows how much she love Rilaks. =x Eh, I bought her something in return. ON MY BIRTHDAY! I buy present for other people on my birthday, when I'm suppose to be receiving presents. =x

Received Tales of The Beetle Bard from her. :D Was going to buy it myself, until she showed her eyes of O_O hearing that I was gonna go find it and buy it. LOL.

One of the most memorable birthdays I have. =3

Love, Love the world! X3


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advance Diploma Convocation

YAY! Convo! XD

The wtf thing about it was, my class only Darren and me attended. =\

And~ someone met my parents. XD Glad everything went well. =3

Going to steamboat with Ivan's coursemates. =x Sorry Wen Sin! Couldn't attend your farewell. X.x


Monday, November 8, 2010


広い世界で 出逢えた奇跡
大げさだけど 運命だよね
やがてふたりが 歳をとっても
ケンカのあとは キスでもしなさい!



Sunday, November 7, 2010

To You

lol I love this pic. XD

Anyway, to you, dear Ivan Lee:

It's been ... 3 months and 6 days, that we're officially attached to each other.

So fast right? I still remember clearly the day when we had our first date, it was 25th July, to Midvalley, as we went to the so-called MITF. lol And also watched Inception. Do you remember that, before we went for the date, we thought about things that we wanted to do together. To see your injured finger along with mine, comparing our feet sizes, and also had Starbucks together.

Remember that after the next day we went, when Janice ask us about going to Midvalley, I lied that I didn't went for a movie, when clearly I did went with you.

Today, after 3 months+, we came back again.

3 months before, we was just friends, hoping to be more than that.

Now, we're together, happily. =)

Things might not go well, sometimes, due to my stubborness, and also to be fair, your negativity. And you'd always bear with that, gomen.

Relationships are always sweet from the beginning, but as time passes, problems do occur, and we're clear of that. You do remember that right? While having problems, we'll face and solve it together.

I do make mistakes, so I want you to tell me whenever I did something wrong. Like yesterday. I was a fool, for being so selfish. And the same goes to you, when I feel like you're doing something wrong, I would tell you too.

But I didn't. Gomen. I put you in confusion.

I just want you to know, I would accept everything you love. It might not be soon, but just someday, I will. You know I couldn't hide how I feel, so I tend to show it, instead of lying and hiding my true feelings. Thus you knowing, I really hated that. But I didn't like how you kept on emphasising that I hated what you love. That's why I got upset. I kept on thinking, why couldn't I accept it? I'd make you feel so alone again!

But I felt empty and alone, when you tell me that you won't share me what you love anymore. Does this mean that, there is someone else you wanted to share it with? Or if there is someone that appeared that would share this with you, what will happen to me?

Selfish, yes I know. I couldn't think of anything else but myself.

This is how I see you acted: "Oh! I love this song! XD But you won't like it de la, so heavy bass. You sure won't like it de la! Next time I won't share you the song, since you don't like it. Regret buying the single now?"

I somehow feel left out. That is why I got upset. A LOT.

Instead of disliking the song, what happened is the main thing that upsetted me.

And it got worse... After the call...


After that I can't do anything at all, but staring at the phone blankly for a minute or so, then started to blog till now.

Perhaps I do need some time... To calm myself down... Alone...

But one thing is for sure,

That I do care for you a lot, and I do love you.

So please... Don't blame yourself on things that isn't your fault!

And gomen... For hurting you...and myself...


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Omg. One of my dream came true.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

06102010 - Shirapyon and Maruwa

The names of my plant on my office table bought by my team lead from Cameron. LOL

I got Maruwa at first, but never gave it a name(even though I thought of giving it one) before I got Shirapyon.

Could you guess which is which? =X


05102010 - Adam Glamnation XD






02102010 - A Pair

The female version of the pair anizo from Anizo 18.

We've been trying to get this last time but we failed to get the male version. D= And Ivan went back to find the capsule machine days later that and to his horror, the machine is gone. =X

Luckily we found it on his birthday. XD

And the ring on its neck? Is the wrong couple ring that we got for me. DX I wored it on the right hand, where I was suppose to wear it on the left. So when I changed it to my left hand, it couldn't fit me anymore. D=

So we went to buy a new 1. LOL.

Oh well, my first couple ring. XD

My mum saw it and she was like "Ohh~ Who present you the ring."

I just XD at her and said "It's a pair". LOL

Oh well. It's good that she's ok with that. XD


30092010 - His Birthday!

I know there's been lack of updates, but then... I'm really lazy to do so so...

It's Ivan's Birthday on September 30th, and I've been waiting for this day like, ever since August. LOL. Coz I prepared his present since then. =X

But he wasn't feeling well though, so he couldn't eat well, which is too bad! DX

I like how he looks when he got his present though. XD

Late, and I know I said this before, but Happy Birthday to you my dear! X3 Hope you did enjoyed your birthday!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Prize

Got this as a prize for the lantern quiz at the Mooncake Festival event at my company. XD

It's still on my office table now. X3


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Wallpaper UP!

I damn love my wallpaper at my laptop now! GLAY! XD

Just got the downloaded single from dear, and its so beautiful! I still don't get how Takuro can write such beautiful lyrics. =x

Precious Love... T_T


Ooki Ame

Its raining heavily again in the morning, who is having such a bad mood that causes the rain, I wonder?


Sunday, September 12, 2010


As I said in the previous post, I went to the Book Fair again.

And holy... We bought A LOT. o_o Travel books, and anime DVDs. Wanted to buy a receipe book so I could learn cooking but didn't manage to find the one I like so.. =X

Oh it wasn't as crowded as the first time we went, so it's more easier to move around. Even though it's still hard to walk through some lanes as people are there standing and reading. -_-

Anyway overall, it was a good day! Especially with him beside me. X3

A colleague spotted us! Or should I say 2 colleagues! But then... I don't really care much anymore. Hey, it's not like I'm doing something bad. Or doing some lovey dovey stuff in the office. So whatever. =3

Tokoro de, have to go jogging later. Sigh. Boring stuff. But it's for my good. Stay healthy, as Ivan says. DX

So bye now!


P/S: Gomen that I couldn't join you on many events, gomen! I really wanted too...

P/P/S: Heart playing Abe Mao's Itsu no Hi Mo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Fair again

Yes, its my 2nd visit to the Book Fair at KLCC. =x

This time, I'm there to buy books and not just walking, so might take awhile. Lol.

Waiting for dear to arrive now. =x


P/S: OH! Keranamu Malaysia airing in the station now. XD

Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st Month!

*noms on Okonomiyaki*

This pic was from 1st Sept, and I wanted to blog on that day but =/ I failed. Stupid mobile blogging. lol

Saw Kim-chan that day omg! Finally!! =3 Always wanted to meet her but never did. D= We hugged~ X3

Anyway I had a great great GREAT time that day. X3 I wished the day never end. Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai too. =x Never had the chance to eat it, luckily someone was there to bring me go eat. =X Thanks dear! X3

But then the day ended sadly coz I was rushed back by my parents. D= sien. I know they were just worried though. DX

However, thinking back of the date just puts a smile on my face. X3 Thank you for that day!

Ahem. =X

That is all. Bye. XD


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Xuan Xuan is 2 years old! XD



P/S: Happy 1 month anniversary to me and someone! XD =X

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hisashiburi again =X

Hello all!
It's been more than a month that I had stopped blogging. =X
How ya all been doing?
I've been doing good, great infact!
Fufufu~ X3
Let's just say, I'm not alone anymore. X3
Going out soon, will try to blog more now and then.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tokimeki Memorial Girl Side

For the first time after a long long long lonnnggg time, I failed to win the game. =(

Stupid Mihara Shiki! I'll be friends with Sudou Mizuki instead! lol


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wedding Dinner

This is the first time I'm wearing a dress to a wedding. =O

The dress code was formal, but I don't think I was wearing formal? =x Oh well, not much clothes. Lol.



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ding Dang

It's been awhile! I'm lazy to blog. lol

Life's ok, except my 2 favorite team is out of the World Cup. Damn. England and Japan FTW. Don't even get me started on the 2nd England goal. =/

Other than that, lifes been really good. lol.

Been listening to Perfume these days, thanks to my colleague Ivan, who's been pumping me with Perfume media. XD

I hate techno, I really do, but I can accept their songs even though some of them does hurt my head. lol Plus they're cute so it's ok. XD

Gotta go sleep now as it's 11:36 now. BAI!


P/S: My colleague bought me the Ding Dang! (The one I'm holding in the pic) LOL.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Heart Died a little

When I saw this. One of my favourite store. Gone.

It's the comic store that I go often since I decided to start buying comics, which was 5 years ago, I started to buy BLEACH.

First it was one book. Then it was 4. Then it was 5. At once. lol

So weeks ago I wanted to buy comics because there was this guy in the same elevator with me having the latest book of BLEACH.

But as I went to the store, it wasn't open. So was the next day, and the day after.

Then today when I see this.... My heart crushed.

Goodbye beloved comic shop. =(


Monday, June 21, 2010


Papa on the father's day gift! LOL

That's right, I named my giant bear Papa. <3 Coz it's huge and warm and it's cute like my dad.

Told my parents about it and my dad was like "so qin qie(not sure about the direct translate of this word but it's kinda like close and warm. I think. lol) this name!"

I love my Papa! (Bear and human. lol)



Had a family photoshoot yesterday.

Thanks Kame for borrowing me the graduation robe!


P/S: The lady in the shop ask if we are twins and we was like wtf? lol

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day gift from me and my sis to our dad.

It looks awesome right? I thought so. lol. Blew it up myself - for 1 hours +. lol. The air pump wasn't working well for me.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Big Day

Going in the hall soon!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

TC 1st Bowling Tournament

We did not win. lol

There were 72 teams and 4 of them were from my department. (ISD) Whatever, Lovelife, Memory and the last minute formed, Newbie.

I'm in Whatever. lol

Our plan was to group the people who is good at bowling in one group so that there could actually be a chance of winning. And I was in that good bowler team(Whatever) when I'm not good at it. lol

Well, at least I was the girl with the highest score.

Was. lol. The last minute formed team's girl player was amazing at bowling. D:

72 teams played, only 15 can get through the semifinals.

And to my surprise(not sure whether izit the training that helped), Team Whatever and Team Newbie got through. LOL. And I got more than 100! LOL usually I'd get 70+.

Even though we did not win top 3, the awesome girl player from Team Newbie got 2nd place in MVP female. She scored more than 150. LOL. Better than anyone of us(including guys).

Oh oh and we got a hamper from the lucky draw. LOL.

Wonderful day it was. I had so much fun. xD

OH my parents came to watch me play the first round! Glad they came coz I was on fire! LOL XD Loves!

Hope there's more of these event coming in the future. =3


Bowling Tournament

This, is my ball.



Friday, June 11, 2010

Dumpling Festival Event

At Tan Chong!

Join the decoration team for the Dumpling Festival event - Dumpling Festival with a Heart.

My reason of joining? I really like climbing tall places to hang stuffs etc. And because I'm tall(well, I'm the tallest in them even though I'm only 166cm) I'm useful in decorating high places. lol

Looking forward to tomorrow! =3


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lunch - Ayamas


My supervisor was like, we'll see how you look like years later. LOL. Coz I ate all mine when ppl couldn't finish theirs. =D



Saturday, June 5, 2010


Maji de konna no bashou ga daikirai. Naze koko ga kuru shika nai darou.

Kimochi warui.


Wedding Lunch

Oh btw it's a Malay wedding. It looks amazing!


Wedding Lunch!

First time wearing something like this to a wedding. LOL.

Next stop, bowling practise at 1U! XD


Monday, May 31, 2010

Wangsa Bowl

Finish bowling!

Damn. I sucked.

But I'm getting the hang of it.


Bowling Again

With my family this time.

It's damn crowded though. Still waiting for our turn to play. There's even a bowling competition going on.




2 wedding invitations in a month! Lol! 1 malay and 1 chinese.

I always went to chinese weddings so I'm looking forward to go to a malay wedding. =D One of my best friend's sis's.

Can't wait! I love weddings! <3


Meeting Again

Out for meeting again, but going back to office soon!


P/S: I need a haircut. =\

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Child Fees

Saw this yesterday at some restaurant.

So they differ the price by kid's height now. lol



This was when after I got back from Bowling 2 days ago.

The rain was so heavy when I was driving home, I actually felt abit scared.


Especially when I drive towards the puddle of water. Whoa felt like I couldn't control my car.

One of life's exciting moments. lol


Friday, May 28, 2010


LOL I'm so bad at it.



Was out early to 1U for training.

No not dancing, BOWLING! LOL.

And things went quite well for me coz I didn't get lost, I wasn't late and I parked at the correct place! When I came in the entrance the bowling alley was just beside it. LOL. I never came here alone k. Lol

Let's bowl!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pokemon Platinum

I stopped playing after 3 minutes. I have no idea why. lol

But I'm starting to play it again now! >=3


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bye Ben

Ben's going to UK along with Darren, Seng Hoong and Wei Jiat. =( So we had a gathering before they fly.

But only Ben was here! LOL.

I'm gonna miss Ben. T_T *hugs* Bennnnnnnnn Bennnnnnnnn Bennnnnnnnnn

Went to Marche for the first time and lol I have no idea how to order food there. It's all self service.

The spaghetti was SUPER NICE.

This gathering made me miss them so much! Sigh.

Graduation's coming soon.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Laptop

Oh yeah, I got my new laptop from my company FINALLY! LOL

Not used to using laptop yet. Oh well.

I still prefer desktop computers.


P/S: That's Mio as the wallpaper. <3

Titi Eco

It's a bright sunny day! <3


Department Outing

Going to Titi Eco now. XD

Hope this will be fun!


Friday, May 21, 2010


Using the medical card for the first time. Lol

Sprained my back while carry heavy things. X.x Now it hurts badly.

Bad things kept happening to me. Sigh. First my leg, now my back.

Hope it's nothing serious.