Monday, June 8, 2009


I SCRATCHED MY CAR TODAY! While I was driving to my parking today I noticed someone had already parked on my parking.

So immediately I wanted to reverse and park to the side when I heard this loud scratch to the wall. And I go like WTF? And it became like how you saw in the picture. Sigh.

After my dad arrived I so wanted to see this car locked by the security car. But then it turns out it's my NEIGHBOUR'S CAR! So my dad just ask him to drive it away and that's it.

Kei iz not pleased.


P/S: I'm sorry, car of mine! ><


Today there's another training for the system clients for different branches.

Usually I get to use the internet, but today there are so many trainee clients that there are no available PCs left!

It's gonna be such a boring day. ._.