Friday, June 5, 2009

Today's lunch

Fried rice!

All of them(team members) were busy with the Training while me and the other girl who I'm not very fond of stays in the room.

As usual, she leaves me alone without saying a word while she and her colleague friends went for lunch.

It's lucky that this company has a canteen that brings the food to us who are busy with work or lazy to go out. In my case if I go out, I'll eat alone while the colleagues watches.
So I rather eat alone in my seat. Lol


Early shock

Today before leaving the house I was like, oh I should blog how nice today is!

But then just now when I was driving, I saw a dead cat at the side of the road. Not just dead, IT'S ORGANS COULD CLEARLY BE SEEN. EWW.

And the sun's so bright now. -.-