Saturday, September 26, 2009


After some fun at the beach and a swim at the awful pool(it was damn dirty ugh), FINALLY we're going out for dinner. Lol

Oh. It's 9:30pm now. Lol. Damn hungry. X.x

Oh. AND CONGRATS TO CHERIE ON HER WEDDING! I wasn't invited so...yeah. Lol. I wonder where the dinner is held.

ARGH DAMN HUNGRY! Are we there yet? X.x


P/S: lol I might've just made a right choice by asking someone to congratulate her for me. =p


THIS, my friends, is one of the reasons why living is awesome.

Bye nao! =D


Off to Melaka!

So there I was, changing back to my glasses. I was told not wear the lenses more than 8 hours. Lol.

Apparently my new no-glasses appearance seem to get no attention like usual. Or people just don't give a damn that the odd quiet girl decides to have a change. Lol

Only 2 people asked. Lol. Both girls. =p

Oh yes, even though he saw my face the closest and talk to me the most. Lol

Anyways, I'm going to Muar now and later Melaka! XD My colleagues are - unexpectedly - going to Melaka too, for an ex-colleague's wedding dinner - which I wasn't invited to so I didn't expected them to go Melaka coincidencely.

Bai now! Will blog more later so stay tuned! Lol


Contacts yo!

FINALLY I got myself a pair(well actually 6 pairs to be exact) of contact lenses. lol

What amazes me the most is - compared to a few years back - these lenses are so much comfortable to wear. I can't feel anything! Lol

And the thing about not wearing glasses is, they brought out my sleepy eyes, making my eyes look smaller. X.x

Oh and because I'm such a nobody at work, no one seem to notice. Lol

Bah who cares. I'm going to Melaka later! XD