Friday, December 31, 2010

PuriKura ~ 2011-to-be

Finally! Purikura! XD

The Purikura machines in KL seems to be gone 1 by 1, and I have no idea where I could find them anymore. But then there are a few in Genting Highland, so no matter how much it cost, I HAVE TO take them!

RM35 one machine. Bah.

Still for me, it's worth it. T_T I love Purikuras.

Ok! It's going to be 2011 soon. So... here are my resolutions!

1. Improve in my work
2. Have a 2nd trip with Ivan. <3
3. Be more fashionable
4. Learn to cook
5. Go sing k with my dear
6. Be more like a girl
7. Take more cute pictures of Ivan. <3
#updated 11:05PM
8. Be a more better gf! =X
9. Train my memory more, since it's getting worse.. X_X

7 resolutions for now. I wonder if it will increase later. =x


P/S: I love this pic with Ivan! <3 It's so cute! XD

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

This was yesterday in my office.

Got the present from Secret Santa and I was right, about who my Secret Santa was. =X

Anyway, I loved the present, which is a snow globe that I wished for, and it's now at the table beside my bed. =3

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! =3


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cousin's wedding

Congrats to him! Wearing a dress again. =x

I wish Ivan could see this! T3T but he then his phone has no service. But he gets ip4 though. XD

So for now.. No smses. T3T i miss him!