Friday, November 26, 2010


Say hello to Kunorilak! X3

It's a present by Ivan for my birthday. X3 He promised to get me one of these, even though I told him that I'm ok with medium sized ones. =x

My birthday was wonderful! First birthday in my life that I'm not celebrating with my family. =x Not saying that it's not wonderful spending birthday with them!

But then, celebrating with someone else other than my family, especially my boyfriend, who my parents know existed! =x They actually allowed me to go celebrate with him! XD Well, that's something new. Although it's due to my dad being busy so have to switch dates to celebrate. Still, knowing that my parents approving me to go dating, never expected that to happen fast. XD

My sis was like wtf when she saw Kunorilak. Everyone knows how much she love Rilaks. =x Eh, I bought her something in return. ON MY BIRTHDAY! I buy present for other people on my birthday, when I'm suppose to be receiving presents. =x

Received Tales of The Beetle Bard from her. :D Was going to buy it myself, until she showed her eyes of O_O hearing that I was gonna go find it and buy it. LOL.

One of the most memorable birthdays I have. =3

Love, Love the world! X3


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advance Diploma Convocation

YAY! Convo! XD

The wtf thing about it was, my class only Darren and me attended. =\

And~ someone met my parents. XD Glad everything went well. =3

Going to steamboat with Ivan's coursemates. =x Sorry Wen Sin! Couldn't attend your farewell. X.x


Monday, November 8, 2010


広い世界で 出逢えた奇跡
大げさだけど 運命だよね
やがてふたりが 歳をとっても
ケンカのあとは キスでもしなさい!



Sunday, November 7, 2010

To You

lol I love this pic. XD

Anyway, to you, dear Ivan Lee:

It's been ... 3 months and 6 days, that we're officially attached to each other.

So fast right? I still remember clearly the day when we had our first date, it was 25th July, to Midvalley, as we went to the so-called MITF. lol And also watched Inception. Do you remember that, before we went for the date, we thought about things that we wanted to do together. To see your injured finger along with mine, comparing our feet sizes, and also had Starbucks together.

Remember that after the next day we went, when Janice ask us about going to Midvalley, I lied that I didn't went for a movie, when clearly I did went with you.

Today, after 3 months+, we came back again.

3 months before, we was just friends, hoping to be more than that.

Now, we're together, happily. =)

Things might not go well, sometimes, due to my stubborness, and also to be fair, your negativity. And you'd always bear with that, gomen.

Relationships are always sweet from the beginning, but as time passes, problems do occur, and we're clear of that. You do remember that right? While having problems, we'll face and solve it together.

I do make mistakes, so I want you to tell me whenever I did something wrong. Like yesterday. I was a fool, for being so selfish. And the same goes to you, when I feel like you're doing something wrong, I would tell you too.

But I didn't. Gomen. I put you in confusion.

I just want you to know, I would accept everything you love. It might not be soon, but just someday, I will. You know I couldn't hide how I feel, so I tend to show it, instead of lying and hiding my true feelings. Thus you knowing, I really hated that. But I didn't like how you kept on emphasising that I hated what you love. That's why I got upset. I kept on thinking, why couldn't I accept it? I'd make you feel so alone again!

But I felt empty and alone, when you tell me that you won't share me what you love anymore. Does this mean that, there is someone else you wanted to share it with? Or if there is someone that appeared that would share this with you, what will happen to me?

Selfish, yes I know. I couldn't think of anything else but myself.

This is how I see you acted: "Oh! I love this song! XD But you won't like it de la, so heavy bass. You sure won't like it de la! Next time I won't share you the song, since you don't like it. Regret buying the single now?"

I somehow feel left out. That is why I got upset. A LOT.

Instead of disliking the song, what happened is the main thing that upsetted me.

And it got worse... After the call...


After that I can't do anything at all, but staring at the phone blankly for a minute or so, then started to blog till now.

Perhaps I do need some time... To calm myself down... Alone...

But one thing is for sure,

That I do care for you a lot, and I do love you.

So please... Don't blame yourself on things that isn't your fault!

And gomen... For hurting you...and myself...