Friday, July 10, 2009


Just came back from lunch. =3

My lunch time is from 1 - 2pm, but went out to eat with colleagues till very late. Lol

Today was kinda boring coz my team members - 2 were MC, 1 went outstation and another went to another place. So I'm all alone. =( Well not quite alone, I have those MJ songs I can play it on the speaker since no one is here. =D

And it was near lunch and I was having a dilemma on lunch. Should I stay in the room? Or go out? But who to eat with?

Then strangely, the food trolley isn't here yet. They usually come on 12pm but it's 12:50pm and he's still not here.

Then my colleague, Siang(the one that shared me MJ songs), asked me if I want to follow them to lunch. YAY!

The place we had lunch was really far and we reached at 1:20pm. And after we're done it's already

The food wasn't THAT good, but having lunch with them made my day.

Well back to my songs. <3


3 days?

Nah I didn't cry to sleep yesterday, but there are several times my eyes are in tears, they just didn't fall. Lol

Gonna rest my eyes for awhile. Peace out.