Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I quitted X-ism. I'm in Michaelism now.

X-ism is kinda like a "believe", where Yoshiki from X Japan is my God. The God of music. Coz he is the best out there. His piano and drums is epic. Youtube it if you want to see it it's hard to describe it. But he has 2 sides - hard metal and sappy ballads, which I love A LOT.

But after seeing Michael's vid and getting to know him more, it made me found the real God(it's a term, ok?). He has something that Yoshiki doesn't have, and that is the pure, kind, loving heart. Yoshiki's nice but not quite there yet. And in Michael's songs, there are messages. Yoshiki's songs are just beautifully written.

And Michael does beat boxing wtf!

I'm sure Yoshiki won't mind. They are good friends afterall. =)


P/S: If you think I'm mad well you don't know me.