Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello! Goodbye!

My sis bought this for me. Well more like helped me to buy it. She rarely buys me stuff. Lol

To be honest I still cry when I see magazines like these and listen to songs like "Heal The World". That song reminds me of the memorial, the event that made me cried every day and night for days. ._.

It's weird coz before his death, yes I really liked him but I never really cared much about his news after I started to grow up. And he disappeared for quite awhile. Until when I heard he was doing his last tour I was like omg, I wanna go. I just had that thought but still didn't cared THAT much.

And then he died.

Probably human nature to treasure people only after they died, but it might probably be that he was once a really important person to the young me. And the young me inside of me who loves him feels sad which make me sad, he was part of my childhood afterall.

Bah it might be some excuse, I don't know. I don't even know myself.

Ok bedtime. I miss Michael. =(