Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the beach

Lol do you seriouly think I have time to go there? And so nice even the beach.

I just snapped the picture out of a brosure or however you spell it. Lol


P/S: I dreamt of having a boyfriend. It was sweet though I have no idea who that is. Lol.


Lol I don't know what the title means I just feel like putting it.

I'm still a bit depressed on how I'm behaving in the office. I'm like 2 faced there. When I'm around people I go all quiet, and shy, and I don't talk much but I smile a whole lot to show my reaction, mainly because my brain couldn't react fast enough towards strangers.

Strangers? They had been my colleagues for almost 3 months! Yet I still feel scared. I go smiling a lot but inside my mind I go like "WTF?" and a whole lot of thoughts by the real me, who is struggling inside, trying to be free.

The only people that I would feel close to is my supervisor and my 2 colleagues, who had been in the same room with me. There's 2 more colleagues who I feel is cool with me but they are inside the actual department. Just great. 5 out of like 30+ people.

So there's this 2 colleagues that had moved in to our work space aka the meeting room since last week. One of them is a really cute guy. And that guy is like, omg, a real life anime character. The way he talks, acts, reacts, OMG! SO CUTE! And he has these pair of beautiful sparkly eyes, which then I noticed, HE HAS SUPER LONG EYE LASHES. And a bonus - if not mistaken, he likes anime stuffs. He has a L Nendroid, he has an Anizo on his phone and his ringtone is the opening theme of FMA Brotherhood.

I wish I could be friends with him. ._. He seems interesting. Like a brat. Lol

Oh and the other colleague moved in said(jokingly, might be) "You know whats the real purpose I moved in here? To make you a '8 po' like the others."

LOL. I just smiled but in my mind I was saying "dude, if only you knew how sampat I am. Lol". I hope he managed to do so though, if he isn't joking.

Whoa time for bed.