Saturday, August 22, 2009


This morning when I was on the road, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I saw this 40++ year old man on the road with a paper that says "I'm going back to China tomorrow." and a big bag with a butterfly version of the flip flap thingy(the one in the picture).

He was actually going through every cars, hoping that people would donate him some money by buying his stuff.

For me, as I see people like these, I treat them as a fate, and I'd give, regardless that it's a scam or what sort(but depends on how that person's like. If he's like a youngster I'd probably ignore it). So as he came to my car, he was giving the peace sign, which I assumed he was saying RM20. But when I asked, he actually wanted only RM2! Wtf! Broken or not RM2 is damn cheap can? How can he go back?

He then took out 2 pink purses, hoping that I would spare him a few more ringgit and he had no use for it. So I just paid him RM10.

Now I kinda regret taking the purse, I should've just give him the money without taking it. =\ I have no use for it anyways, and he could've sell it for more money. I even have the damn urge to give him back. Damn guilty now.

Oh well.


P/S: Btw if you're wondering, I'm not giving myself up. I'm still wanting to be close to him. As a friend's ok for me. =)


otata said...

I have that flip flap too XD
but RM10 =.=

Sou sou~ fate =D I believe that too
And RM2. O__O that's not scam at all janai ^^"""

mine is flower version desu =X

ganbatte Kei-chan ^^ I support you

kurokei said...

LOL. RM2! Shock me really. I even say "HAR? So cheap?"

Ganbarimasu! =) I'll find a better guy. =) We'll never know. xD

sweister said...

That's so nice of you! I usually won't believe this kind of things though. You know how Malaysia is like. I got cheated off by this nun a few years ago and told myself to not believe anyone asking for charity anymore.

Still, it was so nice of you to help the guy out I guess. The butterfly looks pretty. :)

kurokei said...

Yeah I think I got cheated before but I got fed up by people coming towards me begging for me to donate when I was sitting there alone minding my own business. lol

The worst case was asking me to buy a mattress for the elderly for RM30! wth. Still I gave coz I don't know how to say no. lol

Yeah the butterfly looks pretty, AND it functions well! lol