Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tea session! <3

Went to Steven's Tea Corner with Reiko and Xuan Xuan. <3

So cute! He kept on smiling and his front teeth is bigger already! XD I can't wait for the time where he knows how to run and I'd run along chasing him. Lol

There was one time where he fall from the long couch to the floor while crawling back and forward. It was a loud knock and we was shock(lol rhyming). He cried so loud. X.x poor little fella. My mum say he was like me when I was young. Naughty. Haha


P/S: I love my dad, but sometimes he spoils the mood whenever he starts lecturing me suddenly when I'm in a good mood and did no wrong.

I'm broke

Bought A LOT of things today. Lol
After work I drove to Petaling Street. OMG FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I wanted to get a magazine or book of Michael which my sis saw last week. But I couldn't find it. This trip wasted my time where I couldn't find the book I want, I couldn't find the comics I want and a fucking pervert brushed his hands against mine when we walked pass. Ugh fucking middle age fuktard. I bought 3 comics though.

Then I went to Jusco to get my Thriller CD. Yes I got Thriller! But before that I went to MPH and holy crap there was a tribute magazine by People magazine! I bought it immediately and atm more cash to buy my CD. Lol That book is worth every penny. It has such awesome photos and details inside and I love it. And I bought the last 1! =D

But when I reached home I noticed the part that holds the CD, you know that thing that keeps the disk from falling, IS ALL BROKE. I was like wtf. I went to exchanged it for a new 1 later. XD

Ahh, I need more money.


P/S: I cried out loud just now watching "Michael Jackson Unmasked" on TV. =( It's just too sad.