Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advance Diploma Convocation

YAY! Convo! XD

The wtf thing about it was, my class only Darren and me attended. =\

And~ someone met my parents. XD Glad everything went well. =3

Going to steamboat with Ivan's coursemates. =x Sorry Wen Sin! Couldn't attend your farewell. X.x



Christine said...

Well, mine pretty gone well as well.
He even call my mom, Momsy... Lol
My mom macam tak dengar he call her mom & ignore. And I was like, "Ma, he call u mom!" den my mom was like "Oh thanks". Lol
And freaking i was talking to his parents on his birthday thru Skype! Tats freaking me out and I just dunno wat to talk about it.
Anyway, i dunno hw long mine gonna last. but Im so gonna cross my finger!
Pray hard for me girls~!!!