Sunday, October 10, 2010

02102010 - A Pair

The female version of the pair anizo from Anizo 18.

We've been trying to get this last time but we failed to get the male version. D= And Ivan went back to find the capsule machine days later that and to his horror, the machine is gone. =X

Luckily we found it on his birthday. XD

And the ring on its neck? Is the wrong couple ring that we got for me. DX I wored it on the right hand, where I was suppose to wear it on the left. So when I changed it to my left hand, it couldn't fit me anymore. D=

So we went to buy a new 1. LOL.

Oh well, my first couple ring. XD

My mum saw it and she was like "Ohh~ Who present you the ring."

I just XD at her and said "It's a pair". LOL

Oh well. It's good that she's ok with that. XD