Saturday, September 26, 2009

Off to Melaka!

So there I was, changing back to my glasses. I was told not wear the lenses more than 8 hours. Lol.

Apparently my new no-glasses appearance seem to get no attention like usual. Or people just don't give a damn that the odd quiet girl decides to have a change. Lol

Only 2 people asked. Lol. Both girls. =p

Oh yes, even though he saw my face the closest and talk to me the most. Lol

Anyways, I'm going to Muar now and later Melaka! XD My colleagues are - unexpectedly - going to Melaka too, for an ex-colleague's wedding dinner - which I wasn't invited to so I didn't expected them to go Melaka coincidencely.

Bai now! Will blog more later so stay tuned! Lol



Unknown said...

"Oh yes, even though he saw my face the closest and talk to me the most."

Haha. Don't worry about it (don't let it get to you). In high school, I had a friend that had braces. As long as I had known her, she had braces, and so, I stopped paying attention to them (got used to them). Once day, as school was letting out, and I was getting into my car, I heard her yell from behind me, "Joshie!" I turned around, wondering. There she was, with this big huge goofy smile, teeth showing. "Huh?" I thought to myself. Seconds passed, she was still smiling. I gave a big goofy smile back, still not knowing what she wanted (was trying to tell me). Suddenly, another girl to my right goes, "OOH! You got your braces off!" Boy did I feel dumb. :P Hahahaha.

kurokei said...

Eh. I was like that last week. =x One of my friend had braces too. I don't see her everyday so I didn't notice that she got her braces off UNTIL she asked me "Did you notice something was different with me?"
Then I was like "OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" after I noticed. lol
Proves that people seldom notice the change of taking off the braces. =p