Saturday, September 26, 2009

Contacts yo!

FINALLY I got myself a pair(well actually 6 pairs to be exact) of contact lenses. lol

What amazes me the most is - compared to a few years back - these lenses are so much comfortable to wear. I can't feel anything! Lol

And the thing about not wearing glasses is, they brought out my sleepy eyes, making my eyes look smaller. X.x

Oh and because I'm such a nobody at work, no one seem to notice. Lol

Bah who cares. I'm going to Melaka later! XD



otata said...

is all right. I care for you XDDDDDDDDD

sweister said...

I'm sure people noticed, just that they didn't want to say it out.

AND EY, WHERE GOT SLEEPY EYES LAH. Contacts are supposed to make your eyes look bigger la woman. Time for mascara! :) I used to not be able to use it when I had my glasses because my lashes would be too long that it'd stick to the lens of my glasses. HAHA.

ps: i nampak awek cantik.

kurokei said...

otata: xD

Swei: I KNOW! That's why I don't put make up. =/ The glasses will just block them LOL. And thank you! =D