Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dusun Eco - Pool?

One thing I did not do there was playing in the pool.

Why not? Because I can't la!

Why the hell do the period have to come during these days? Ish.

But I did soak my feet in the water. Feels damn cool. OH YEAH! The water from the pipe were all from the mountains so it's damn cold! And that feels good when you're all sweaty and you wash your hands. lol

Taking a bath is like hell for me though, being a person that is used to showering in warm water. Dx AND there's no place for us to hang our dirty clothes while we bath! Ish.

But after bathing is like heaven, where I could actually feel cool and fresh. Haha.



Joshua said...

That's a interesting looking pool. All freeform and stuff...