Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dusun Eco - Lizard Incident


As we checked in into the dormitory, we chose our beds. There are 3 double decker beds at each left and right side of the room and there's a small lane for us to walk through(will post picture of it later).

I chose the left most inner top double decker bed and climbed up there and- OH we need to put on the mattress and pillow case ourselves. lol.

AND as I finished putting up the mattress I happened to look up and to my freakin' horror there was a 12 CM BIG LIZARD CRAWLING ON THE WALL. I was like "WHAT IS THAT THIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGGGG?????!!!!!!" while pointing at the direction of the lizard. And the girls was like screaming and shouting. lol

Then this damn lizard crawled to the corner(still at the wall beside my bed) and it thought it's like Spiderman and could like jump over to the next wall. So it JUMPED AND FELL ON MY FREAKIN' BED! WTF! I WAS LIKE WTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFF AND HOPPED OVER TO THE TOP OF THE OTHER BED NEXT TO MINE.

STUPID LIZARD. It climbed away later. lol. Into the cracks of the roof. o_o

Nah it didn't climb out at night. lol. Or I think it didn't.



Joshua said...

Hahahahaha! That's a DINKY lizard. :D When I lived for a month in Belize, the beaches were littered with ~8' (~244cm) iguanas that would lunge at you if you walked by, and stare at you otherwise. I'm talking dozens of these creatures all laying on top of each other on the sand in the sun. Haha.

kurokei said...

Ewww I cannot imagine. D:

Joshua said...

Ah. Let me help then. Here's a similar looking experience:

About half that many, and they were green. :D :P