Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm broke

Bought A LOT of things today. Lol
After work I drove to Petaling Street. OMG FOR THE FIRST TIME!! I wanted to get a magazine or book of Michael which my sis saw last week. But I couldn't find it. This trip wasted my time where I couldn't find the book I want, I couldn't find the comics I want and a fucking pervert brushed his hands against mine when we walked pass. Ugh fucking middle age fuktard. I bought 3 comics though.

Then I went to Jusco to get my Thriller CD. Yes I got Thriller! But before that I went to MPH and holy crap there was a tribute magazine by People magazine! I bought it immediately and atm more cash to buy my CD. Lol That book is worth every penny. It has such awesome photos and details inside and I love it. And I bought the last 1! =D

But when I reached home I noticed the part that holds the CD, you know that thing that keeps the disk from falling, IS ALL BROKE. I was like wtf. I went to exchanged it for a new 1 later. XD

Ahh, I need more money.


P/S: I cried out loud just now watching "Michael Jackson Unmasked" on TV. =( It's just too sad.