Monday, August 17, 2009

50% Single

Lol Momochi that's MY new clothes not yours!

Anyway I found this shirt at PDI. It was selling cheap so I had to have it. XD Plus the quote attracted me - 50% single. XD

Anyway I feel like Densha Otoko(Train Man. Google it.) since yesterday. One of my friend give me some guides on how to be attractive. Lol. I have to smell pleasant and apply lotions etc.

And then I got suggestions from another friend who ask me to loose the glasses and fix my teeth. But I love my teeth and I'm afraid of getting braces! It's expensive too. Lol.

Now I have tons of stuff to buy if I wanna look attractive - contact lens, lotions, lip gloss. Omg all the money I'd spent on comic books I had to spend it on those?

Oh well.



Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I know how it feels like when somebody ask you to fix teeth.
WTF! You think that easy ar? Say fix can fix already ar????
Phycially, Financially and Mentally have to bear with it for years you know!?

Anyway, I love my teeth too... We shall become the:
Y Y Teeth Sista!