Sunday, September 12, 2010


As I said in the previous post, I went to the Book Fair again.

And holy... We bought A LOT. o_o Travel books, and anime DVDs. Wanted to buy a receipe book so I could learn cooking but didn't manage to find the one I like so.. =X

Oh it wasn't as crowded as the first time we went, so it's more easier to move around. Even though it's still hard to walk through some lanes as people are there standing and reading. -_-

Anyway overall, it was a good day! Especially with him beside me. X3

A colleague spotted us! Or should I say 2 colleagues! But then... I don't really care much anymore. Hey, it's not like I'm doing something bad. Or doing some lovey dovey stuff in the office. So whatever. =3

Tokoro de, have to go jogging later. Sigh. Boring stuff. But it's for my good. Stay healthy, as Ivan says. DX

So bye now!


P/S: Gomen that I couldn't join you on many events, gomen! I really wanted too...

P/P/S: Heart playing Abe Mao's Itsu no Hi Mo