Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Omg so damn full now. D=

I think I might not like crabs that much after all. Not because I don't know how to eat them. Ahem.

Might not attend events like these anymore munyaa~ Don't like. D=


New Wallpaper

I'm so in love with the Mad Hatter!

Sorry Rosevelt(my previous wallpaper). Lol.

Speaking of Rosevelt, they are performing at Monash! D= What time they will be performing I wonder, coz I have work that day! I really wanna see them perform!

Going to a company dinner now, bai!


One Piece

First time wearing a one piece after so long, since I was a kid I think? Lol.

It's comfortable yet I feel so uneasy coz IT'S A DRESS. =O Surprised myself and a few ppl. Lol.

Gotta have more of these. =3