Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HP Sweater

I finally got a chance to wear this. Lol. My dad bought this years ago as I love Harry Potter.

Hogwarts! I would love to go there! Lol

Anyway its damn cold at Cameron Highland. Just now when I was having my shower the heater broke. Damn I was freezing. Luckily there was 2 bathrooms.

I bought cactuses! Hopefully I could find some flowers tomorrow. =)


Hibiscus @ Strawberry Park

Holy shit this flower is huge. Huger than my palm. Lol.

So we went to this resort call The Strawberry Park. Not to stay, but just to visit. LOL.

The environment is so nice and there's alot of western people, like 98%. O.o maybe it's really famous overseas.

Having dinner at where we stay now. Ciao! =3


Strawberry Fields

At Cameron now! XD

First thing we did was plucking strawberries! Omg I effing love strawberries. Well, the one that is not for eating though, like mechandises.

There was so many real strawberries at the farm and people was like oh! So many! I wanna pluck them!

But to our suprise, lol, most of the walk ways are blocked - the ones that I've aimed coz they are ones with the big and red strawberries. I feel cheated. Lol

I'm gonna buy LOTS of merchandises! XD