Friday, March 5, 2010

New Workspace

It's not THAT new, I moved here on Monday. Haha.

It's kinda cool having your own space. I'm already happy having that strawberry handphone holder decorating my table. Lol.

Damn cute right? Soft too! It was a gift from my friend. =3

More decorations to come. Lol. Maybe I should bring my Gashapon figures and stuffs.


P/S: Exam result's out.


SiAuKiA said...

wah i like your wallpaper on the screen...LOLs

Bryan here by the way....THANKS for the support eh!

kurokei said...

LOL I tot who's Siau kia. Hahahah.
Long time didn't see you guys d! T_T

SiAuKiA said...

yeah loh you so busy working and all...hehe...maybe one of this days you sneak out or wat lah for our gigs...hehe...jus jk.

anyways on another note...since we cant give you a cd now,you can actually listen to the songs on if you miss us can go there and listen lah....

take care ya!!see ya around

kurokei said...

Downloaded already lo! LOL XD