Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Phone!

No, not me, and not Lollipop. lol. My mum's getting dad a new phone.

I suggested Nokia 5800, since I only heard good reviews about it. =3

And then I saw this at the counter. LOLLIPOP OMG.

Look how cute it is!

Now I can't decide whether to wait for Lollipop 2 OR get Lollipop first, then Lollipop 2.




otata said...

LISTEN TO ME! Lollipop 2!!!!
LMAO!!!! unless your current phone sot sot dei ;(

According to one of my friend's opinion, she said Lollipop looks like a toy compare to Lollipop 2 LMAO!

Have you touch Lollipop phone on display yet? Do you have kimochi on it? I have a lil bit of kimochi on it ;X but not as stronger as during I bought LG Ice Cream phone...~

sorekara ne! (influence) Lollipop 2 have more phone themes,LED lights than Lollipop. LOL

*....I need to go and take Lollipop brochure today*...meow