Tuesday, February 2, 2010

9 - 10

As marked on my office calendar, I'm having a trip with my family, to...?

Take a guess. It's freakin' easy, drawn there - a hill with strawberries. Lol.

The aircond is freakin' cold at where I sit. It turns out that there had been a maintenance on the aircond weeks ago, so now it's like, colder than ever.

Oh and my fyp first viewing is postponed! Lol



Unknown said...

Hahahaha. Happy up, unhappy down. :D Hahaha.

sweister said...


Dude, you get cold despite weather like THIS? I've been sweating my pants off for the past few days! Even last night when I had both the aircond and fan switched on in my room. I want your office's aircond!