Friday, December 4, 2009

Tokimeki Memorial Girl Side

OMG I'm so addicted to this game! Hazuki-kun is so much love!!

Playing this game is like, a minor satisfaction for my lack of love life, since I don't have a boyfriend and all. Seems pathetic but hey! It's really fun. =p

Even Calvius laughs at me when he sees me playing it. Dx

Meh, even if I have a bf, I'll still play this game. Hazuki-kun~ x3



Unknown said...

"even if I have a bf, I'll still play this game"

Hahaha. I hope he doesn't get jealous. :P

kurokei said...

He'll have to work hard to get my attention back then! :D

Unknown said...

That shouldn't be too difficult. ;)

Hahahaha. The verification word is "imboy". How true. :P :D :)